PVC Wall Panels In India

Poly Vinyl Chloride (commonly abbreviated as PVC) is a widely-used plastic. Globally, over 50% of all PVC manufactured is used in construction as a building material. PVC is budget-friendly and easy to assemble. In recent years, PVC has been replaced traditional building materials such as wood, concrete and clay in many areas. Among all Indian Wall Decor is leading & trusted supplier & manufacture of PVC wall panels in india.

PVC cladding was developed in Germany in the 1970s as a decorative interior wall finish with unique properties compared to other wall coverings at that time. PVC paneling is a hollow cored, light weight panel with a smooth surface for decoration and a tongue and groove edge for easy assembly.In India India Wall Decor is among the most trusted supplier of PVC Wall & Ceiling Panel. PVC Wall Panels In India.

PVC paneling is highly resistant to moisture and water. When compared to wood , India Wall Decor PVC panels will not warp, delaminate or swell. PVC paneling is superior to wood paneling or tile board because of the lower cost.

Advantages of PVC Panels

PVC Panelsare the easiest to install when it comes to the solutions in wall decoration. PVC panels are rigid and maintenance free regardless of the area of the surface. Just use a cloth to clean and you are done.These are cost effective when compared with tiles and wooden material and can be installed in almost half of the cost. PVC Panels also save the user from all the noise and clutter of cement and sand which comes with fitment of tiles etc.